An update for the Tesla Model 3

Alongside Audi, which has just announced a "new" version of its e-tron SUV, with a slightly longer battery life, the Tesla group announces an update for the Model 3. Unlike the upgrade Audi's technology, the Tesla update concerns all the Model 3s already in circulation, and aims to boost their charging capacity.

Indeed, like our smartphones, video games and web browsers, Tesla vehicles can be "updated", which usually allows to rectify some bugs and / or add features. The latest update thus allows to unleash the recharge capacity of the Model 3 on the superchargers.

Tesla superchargeur urbain

Meanwhile the V3 superchargers …

Thus, a Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus will now be able to recharge up to 170 kW (against 100 kW so far). The mid-range version climbs to 200 kW (instead of 120 kW), while the Tesla Model 3 Performance will be able to recharge up to 250 kW. In this way, users can take full advantage of V2 superchargers, which peak at 150 kW.

Obviously, to enjoy a higher recharge performance, it will be necessary to wait for the deployment of V3 superchargers, which are still not available in Europe. As always, the update (free) is done in OTA, directly from the control screen of the vehicle.

Regarding Tesla, remember that the group has recently formalized its Cybertruck, a vehicle for both the general public and professionals. Despite a "singular" look, the Cybertruck has recorded more than 200,000 orders in just a few hours. A model that makes a lot of ink, including performance challenged by Ford and Porsche, but also a design and an "unbreakable" mocked by … LEGO.