"2020". That's what came to complete a special photo, put online by Dubai police on Twitter. While the Californian firm presented its new electric pickup last week, already more than 250 000 pre-orders have been passed on its official website. And among them, the very popular police of the city of the United Arab Emirates wishes to receive his copy from 2020.

Dubai police want their own Tesla Cybertruck, for 2020?

Renowned for owning the world's most unrivaled supercars, the Dubai police will make room in its fleet for Tesla's new electric pickup. Alongside the Bugatti Veyron and other Lamborghini Aventador, the wealthy city will also be riding in Cybertruck, a choice far from surprising, in view of the strength promoted by Tesla, about the stainless steel body of the vehicle.

But what is more questionable is about the date announced by Dubai police on his Twitter account. "2020", he announced on Tuesday, taking care to add an illustration photo of the Tesla Cybertruck, in the colors of the city. If it turns out that the order is scheduled for delivery next year, it would make this copy the first out of factory: Tesla has actually planned the entry into production of its Cybertruck for 2021.

Tesla Cybertruck pickup

© Tesla

According to an article published by Arabian Business, the chief commander of the police reportedly announced that the new Tesla Cybertruck will operate on "Areas with high tourist density". It is natural to imagine that the version of the chosen model will be the most powerful: Tesla announced that its variant with three engines will be able to go from 0 to 96 km / h in the space of 2.9 seconds.