This is common practice among some manufacturers targeting the Chinese and Middle Eastern markets: offering specific versions of some of their models adapted to these regions. Most of the time they are more luxurious and extended variants of their most popular sedans. While these "executive" versions are sometimes available in Europe and the USA, it is in China that they are the most widespread, like for example the Audi A8 L or the Porsche Panamera Executive.

Tesla had also sacrificed to this requirement by offering a special version of its Model S in 2015, without modifying the wheelbase of the car, but proposing a specific rear seat.

A Tesla Model 3 to extend?

This time it was prototypes of Tesla Model 3 with a potentially longer wheelbase that were spotted in China, which quickly gave rise to a rumor that Tesla could offer this option variant. In China, it is not uncommon for wealthy people to have a driver, which is why some high-end car manufacturers have adapted their offer in the country in order to focus the experience on the back seat rather than the seat of the car. driver.

With the start of production of the Model 3 at Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, rumor has it that Tesla would offer a longer wheelbase version with a larger rear seat for the Chinese market. The photo of the car in the background shows in particular a hidden rear quarter, which could be a sign of the desire to hide the presence of deeper rear seats.

However, it is difficult to say with certainty that this extended Model 3 is a reality, because the optical effect caused by the camouflage of cars photographed can be misleading, especially since it would probably be 'a higher-end and more expensive version of the Model 3, which would contradict the statements of Elon Musk who said that Tesla plans to manufacture only entry-level versions of the Model 3 in Shanghai.

However, knowing that the Model 3 is by far the best selling Tesla, so much so that it cannibalize a Model S at the end of life (at least in the current version, release 2012 and only lifted in 2016), it it would not seem totally delusional that in some markets the Model 3 replaces it by declining into different bodies.