Tesla released its first quarter results for 2020 on Wednesday, announcing positive surprise numbers. The American automaker said it had made a profit, which had never happened in three consecutive quarters.

Between January and March 2020, Tesla posted net earnings of $ 16 million, which represents earnings per share of $ 1.24. Turnover was almost $ 6 billion in the first quarter. If the profit remains quite lower compared to the turnover, it should be recalled that the firm revealed a loss of 702 million dollars over the same period last year. These results are therefore very positive for the company, knowing that the majority of manufacturers are currently facing a drop in sales over the same period.

In the first quarter, Tesla delivered 88,400 vehicles while it produced 103,000. The automaker seems fairly optimistic, as it said in revealing its results: " We have the capacity to exceed the target of 500,000 vehicles to be delivered this year, despite production interruptions "

Good results for Tesla, but …

To achieve this goal, Tesla would still need to be able to use its factories. Since March, the Fremont factory has been closed, which logically prevents the production of new vehicles and the deliveries which must ensue. If the brand's sales increased after the deconfinement in China, the company could face a collapse or a definite delay in the coming months.

Tesla’s factories were originally scheduled to reopen on May 4, but the governor of Nevada said he plans to delay the reopening of such businesses in order to continue fighting the pandemic.

For the past few days, Elon Musk has been constantly sharing messages on Twitter in which he urges the government to " Liberate America now "

In another tweet, the billionaire went so far as to say, " Give people back their freedom! ", A speech that is found in anti-containment groups on the streets of some cities (… confined) to display their dissatisfaction and support for Donald Trump.