In announcing its quarterly results, Tesla announced that the Semi will face further delay. The automaker is now planning to exit in 2021.

Originally, Tesla unveiled its electric truck in 2017, planning a release for the year 2019. Since then, the firm has indicated that it intends to " low volume production at the end of 2020 " At the beginning of the year, she also returned to the subject by announcing in a letter to future clients that she was "On track to produce limited volumes of Tesla Semi in the second half of 2020 "

Finally, it seems that Tesla Semi customers have to wait until 2021. The company did not say why it was making the choice, but assured that its other projects were proceeding as planned: "We expect production of Model Y in Fremont and Model 3 in Shanghai to continue to increase gradually until the second quarter. We continue to strengthen the production capacity of the Model Y at Gigafactory Berlin and Gigafactory Shanghai and we are well on our way to start deliveries from these two sites in 2021. Finally, we postpone our first deliveries of Tesla Semi to 2021 "

A consequence due to the coronavirus?

If Tesla did not give details, it can be assumed that this situation is due to the coronavirus, since the current pandemic has already prompted several car manufacturers to review their plans. For its part, Ford for example postponed the exit of its fleet of autonomous taxis to the year 2022 instead of 2021, explaining this choice by the health crisis.

In March, Tesla’s US factories were forced to shut down to meet government demands. This decision obviously impacts the pace of production of the automotive group when it was on a good track.

For the third consecutive time, the company announced that it was profitable in the last quarter. In the past three months, Tesla has claimed almost $ 6 billion in revenue, for a profit of $ 16 million. Rather optimistic, the company said: " We have the capacity to exceed the target of 500,000 vehicles to be delivered this year, despite production interruptions "

However, Tesla also said: " There are uncertainties about the rate at which we and our suppliers will be able to increase production once operations have restarted " The company's goal was to resume operations on May 4, but that date no longer seems current.