In search of sustainable profitability, Tesla is tackling one of the most popular automotive segments: pickups. This Thursday night in Los Angeles, the CEO of the electric car firm has unveiled its seventh new model, which will quickly compete with Ford and its future electric F-150.

In the spotlight, tonight's announcement has been awaited for years now. Never before has a novelty of Tesla been so far anticipated. The rumors were maintained by both Elon Musk, but also on a lot of concepts imagined by illustrators, even crazy projects like that of this youtubeuse, having transformed his Model 3 pickup. Yet the new Tesla Cybertruck is certainly the model to have best kept the secret, until its presentation.

tesla cybertruck

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This is not the only specificity. The presentation of the new Tesla pickup also marks its originality by a striking fact: this is the first time that Tesla has unveiled a vehicle that will be able to turn to a professional clientele for the transport of equipment. The vehicle will have to be at a practical level, in addition to the standard technology that Tesla offers on its cars.

Tesla Pickup: the design

Until Thursday night, it was very difficult to imagine the final design of the new pickup Tesla. In recent times, only one official photo was provided by the manufacturer, and it only revealed abstract lines of the vehicle. All we had left was our imagination and Elon Musk's tweets to imagine the product. In particular, the man explained that he was inspired by Blade Runner with his team, to design the pickup. It must be said that the wink was strong. In the feature film of 1982, the story came to life in the city of Los Angeles as well, and during the period of November 2019.

Finally, here it is. In Los Angeles, the veil was lifted on the one who will be called Cybertruck. Never had Tesla been so surprised. His new pickup resumes a very angular shape, with a monocoque body made of stainless steel, giving it an even more futuristic look. Despite its appearances, the pickup has a bucket, where Elon Musk also offers to load devices with sufficient load, 120 or 240 volts. An excellent point to charge devices without using a generator, but also to charge a quad, like the one that Tesla presented at its conference.

Tesla Cybertruck pickup

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Performance worthy of Porsche?

A few months ago, Elon Musk announced the color: his pickup will be as functional as an F-150, while offering performance worthy of Porsche. During his conference, the bet was held. Tesla compared its new pickup with the F-150 and the new Porsche 911 type 992.

On paper, three versions are proposed. At best, Tesla says its most powerful model – with three electric motors – can shoot down 0 to 96 km / h in just 2.9 seconds. The basic version will require a little less than 6.5 seconds.

tesla cybertruck 2022

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But one of the technical characteristics that will interest the future customers most is the load of traction. Tesla announces that its best-performing version will be able to pull no less than 6.3 tons, when the basic version will offer 3.5 tons. It should be noted that each version offers a maximum payload of 1,590 kg.

Pickup available from $ 39,900

To ensure its competitiveness against its competitors, Tesla will offer its new electric pickup at a price slightly higher than Model 3. In other words, the Californian manufacturer wants to hit hard in its market segment. The entry ticket is $ 39,900.

tesla cybertruck price

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To afford a version with all-wheel drive, the dual-motors version is available at $ 49,900. Finally, the most powerful version is available at $ 69,900.

Autonomy level, each of the three versions will offer different capacities. For $ 39,900, the Cybertruck will travel more than 400 kilometers. The dual motors version will be autonomous on 480 kms, and the most powerful version will propose the trifling of 800 kms.

During his presentation, Elon Musk said that each version of the new Cybertruck will obviously be equipped with the autopilot system. On the brand's website, the order page reveals that the option is available, with the addition of $ 7,000 on the invoice.

A high-tech and uncluttered interior

Let's take a seat aboard, despite the fact that Elon Musk did not dwell on the cockpit of his new electric pickup. Inside the Cybertruck, the central screen is reminiscent of the Model 3. The rest seems very clean. It is still unclear whether Tesla will not add items, hence the marketing of the model.

tesla cybertruck inside

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You will note that six seats are available, thanks to a third seat located at the front seats. In view of the illustration offered on the Tesla site, it is difficult to realize that we are in a pickup. The interior of the Cybertruck resembles that of a sedan, thanks to its length and width.

When will Cybertruck be available?

After 30 minutes of presentation, Elon Musk left the scene, leaving questions about his Cybertruck. One thinks in particular of the dates of deliveries of the model, although the website seems to specify the information.

Indeed, a web page of the official site of Tesla is already launched, and allows future customers to preorder their model (for 100 dollars), choosing between the three versions. But already, a date seems to be retained by Tesla as for the entry into production: it will have to wait until the end of 2021. The electric pickup of Tesla should thus arrive after the marketing of the Ford electric F-150, expected for the next year.

In addition, each version of the new Tesla pickup does not seem to be in the same boat. The most powerful version – with three engines – is not expected in the production chains by the end of 2022, almost three years from now.

Unsurprisingly, the model is not planned for now. Moreover, Tesla specifies on its site that it will always be possible to return on the choice of its version that one wishes to order until the end 2021. The vehicle is not close to arrive on the roads .

tesla pickup range

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The electric pickup market, the eldorado for Tesla?

If a car segment did not see the electrification happen, it's him. In the pickup market, the fuel-consuming engines were kings, and that appealed to customers. In the United States, it is also the best represented, as the segment is still at the head of sales.

In addition to its durability, the pickup market is now experiencing strong growth (it increased by 17.5%, in the United States, in 2019), and it is not about to slow down. With the arrival of electric motors on pickups, there is no doubt that demand will be strong. Tesla will have very few competitors. The Ford Electric F-150 and Rivian's new R1T will be its main alternatives, for the moment.