According to the Quebec Ministry of Transport, from 2013 to 2017, alcohol-related crashes killed an average of 100 people per year. In an attempt to lower this number, a new measure has come into effect since Monday, targeting alcohol-related driving.

Specifically, the new regulation added to the Highway Code specifies that as of November 25, each driver with two offenses for intoxication on the road must have a vehicle equipped with a device where it is not possible start the engine, without initially blowing into a breathalyzer.

The most stringent measure to date

For the MADD Canada (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), the Canadian branch of the non-profit organization fighting against misbehavior (alcohol, drugs) of motorists, this new measure and "The strictest, not only in Canada, but around the world," about the fight for road safety. The organization congratulated the province of Quebec for this change in the law.

It must be said that this new measure has an irrevocable sentence for drivers meeting its criteria. They must " for life " use the ignition device with a breathalyzer, and failure to comply with the obligation will result in a suspension of their license for 3 months, a fine of $ 1,500 and immobilization of the vehicle at the impound for a minimum of 3 months. month.

"Although road safety is improving in Quebec, accidents caused by drinking and driving still cause too many deaths each year", said Thursday the Minister of Transport, François Bonnardel, in a statement.

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Attention in case of car loan

Nevertheless, it is important to remind our Quebec friends that motorists who have broken the law more than twice will not be the only ones who must pay attention. Indeed, if you lend your vehicle to a motorist, it will be important to check the history of the ticket if your car does not have the required breathalyzer.

"Other motorists can also double-check someone's license before lending him a car," said Theresa-Anne Kramer, spokesperson for MADD Montreal. But this check on the state servers is unfortunately billed. To check a license, the cost will be $ 1.75 Canadian.