The advanced autopilot function available as an option on the latest generation Tesla has become in a few years a benchmark in the smart and autonomous car sector.

But this option FSD (Full Self-Driving) – or "Fully autonomous driving capacity Autopilot" improved in French – has also seen its price soar especially since the arrival of the Tesla Model 3, so much so that it will become luxury equipment.

While it was billed at around 5,000 euros in early 2019, it saw its price rise several times, and now costs 6,300 euros. What apparently is not enough since Elon Musk announced on Twitter Tuesday that the option would again be increased by $ 1,000 on July 1, 2020. If we rely on the very particular concept of the conversion between the dollar and the euro of American technology companies, we can assume that the increase here will most likely be 1000 euros.

An option that would be worth between 100% and 200% of the price of the car, depending on the model (and according to Elon Musk)

However, Musk, who is never stingy with "optimistic" statements, justifies this increase with an argument which should delight the owners of Tesla who had the good idea to take the option when buying their car: "The price of the FSD will continue to rise as the software approaches its full autopilot capacity with the approval of regulatory authorities. At this point, the value of the FSD is probably over $ 100,000. "

It should be noted, however, that these increases generally come with the addition of additional functionality. On the other hand, Tesla had also announced in 2019 that the Intel chip that manages the brains of its cars would eventually be replaced by a much more efficient house chip, and that the replacement of this component would be done free of charge on models already marketed with the FSD. However, Tesla car owners have not yet heard about this intervention, which requires an appointment by appointment at a Tesla service center, and therefore immobilization of the car.

Note also that Tesla owners, even if they pay options at the same price, are not all equal depending on the region where they reside. Indeed, the regulations on autopilot functionality are not the same everywhere, and Europe, for example, is much more restrictive on this point than the United States. Latest example: the recognition of traffic lights and stop signs allowing Tesla to stop alone without driver intervention is available in the USA for a few weeks, while with equal equipment it is not activated in Europe.