It will be developed by the engineers of the "Squadra Corse" division, enough to announce a very radical model. Lamborghini has just released a press release announcing a new supercar essentially developed for the track, which will be launched early next year.

On the program, a V12 of 6.5 liters of displacement already present in the Aventador, but with the increased power. Its design and appendages will be inspired by models running in the Super Trofeo competition in particular. A first illustration allows to distinguish extreme lines. A last goodbye to the models of purists, propelled by a motor only thermal.

A last thermal model, and extremely radical

It must be said that the umpteenth declination of the Aventador will certainly be the end point of its history in 100% thermal engine. Meanwhile the new generation of the Aventador, scheduled for 2022, which will ship a hybrid technology.

The first electric Lamborghini will use the platform of the Taycan Porsche

The radical model, developing the trifle of 830 horses, pulled by a 6.5-liter V12 which initially offered 759 horses. On the program, however, Lamborghini will ignore overfeeding. Logic tell me, while the Italian brand cultivates the tradition of atmospheric V10 and V12.

Although we do not yet know his name, the supercar will hunt for superfluity, with optimized weight management. The chassis will be a carbon monohull, combined with an aluminum front frame. The rear suspension will be bolted directly to the transmission, to further reduce weight.

Lamborghini Squadra Corsica

© Lamborghini

Hard to say even today, but this model could also leave out the all-wheel drive, for a power mainly routed on the rear wheels. To ensure the stability of the car, the Squadra Corsica division has equipped the supercar with a huge rear wing, and will propose an air intake on the roof, like a race car.

Lamborghini 2020 supercar

© Lamborghini

Lamborghini will limit the number of copies

This will not be a serial model. It would cost Lamborghini too much, and would go against his image cultivating the prestigious aspect of his extreme models. The use on the road of the car will be strictly prohibited. You can imagine, with its circuit typing, the supercar is not approved for conventional use.

But the new supercar that the firm of Sant'Agata will launch at the beginning of next year should still be marketed for 50 customers. Lamborghini said that all units have already found takers, among its most loyal customers … and wealthy.