The automaker Lamborghini has announced a new partnership with the ISS and the researchers working there. It may be difficult at first to see the link between the high-end vehicles of the Italian and the Space Station, and yet.

Lamborghini and ISS collaborate on how space impacts composite materials

Lamborghini is currently working on several materials, including the carbon firm. Sending these in space then to the ISS is a good way to test their resistance to an extreme environment. The effects on the materials concerned can therefore be analyzed in detail by researchers working within the Station.

This project is part of an initiative that brings together the ISS US National Lab and the Houston Methodist Research Institute. The purpose of the entity is precisely to observe the effects of this strange environment on several composite materials.

The Lamborghini carbon fiber will be sent to the ISS using an unmanned rocket and the samples will spend six months on site. On board the aircraft, it will be subjected to several tests, including significant temperature variations or cosmic radiation.

Stefano Domenicali, CEO of Lamborghini, said in a statement: " We are very proud. Lamborghini is the first car manufacturer in the world to conduct scientific research on carbon fiber materials aboard the ISS. In addition to being an important example of corporate social responsibility, this mission is fully in keeping with our philosophy and values. Lamborghini is a brand that has always been committed to exceeding the limits in all areas of its business and to be a pioneer in the field of technology. ".

The analyzes carried out by the researchers of the ISS will allow Lamborghini to look into the design of super-cars or medical equipment such as prostheses.