When it comes to becoming protectors of the environment, some owners of electric cars are clipping against manufacturers of thermal vehicles. A group of Tesla owners and proponents of electric vehicles launched a new petition on the Change.org website in the hope of boycotting "historic" automakers who opposed a new move by California to impose stricter standards for car manufacturers.

Following California's decision to stop supporting these automakers and favor electric car manufacturers, Elon Musk, Tesla's CEO, said he was surprised by Toyota's decision not to comply with California's new laws. "Even Toyota, who made the Prius. It's sad, "he added, further suggesting in a tweet (yes he came back on Twitter) that community members should contact car manufacturers to voice their concerns.

As some Tesla owners are generally in tune with Elon Musk's injunctions (a mild euphemism), a group has formed to launch a petition on Change.org calling for the banning of auto manufacturers who refuse to support the California regulations. To fully understand the dispute, the state of California sued EPA on November 15 and NHTSA in September after the two agencies revoked the state's right to produce and follow its own guidelines. in terms of vehicle emissions. These two organizations are generally the only two authorized to define the standards of pollution on the American territory.

The "purity" of the electric petition

"Cars and trucks that burn gasoline and diesel emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. They also emit nitrous oxide and fine particles – pollutants associated with high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and lung disease. In other words, emissions from these vehicles not only contribute to global warming, they all make us sick and can lead to premature death. These companies refuse to support regulations that would reduce all forms of pollution of their products. General Motors is the worst offender. It accepted hundreds of millions of dollars from the federal government ten years ago and promised to support stricter emission rules, "says the petition.

The petition, launched in November, targets automakers who have chosen not to comply with state rules on vehicle emissions. Brands and groups General Motors, Toyota, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Chevrolet, Buick and Cadillac are in the sights of the petition. Once the petition reaches its goal of 1,000 signatures (it is 1,361 at the time of writing), it will be sent to General Motors and its CEO, Mary Barra, Toyota, Chrysler and Fiat Chrysler. The overall objective of the petition is to highlight the issue of global climate change resulting from vehicle emissions.

California's decision to stop buying gas-powered sedans and stop working entirely with automakers who do not agree with this decision is pretty radical. This choice will have a significant impact on GM and particularly Chevrolet, because California has purchased a fleet of vehicles for a total of about $ 27 million in 2018.

A conflict that shows that in the US the cleavage between traditional builders and proponents of electricity is still very strong, probably more than in Europe, where attitudes seem to evolve more quickly on this topic. However, in their quest for a more breathable air, anti-thermal activists may tend to forget a little quickly that the electric car is not completely clean either over its entire life cycle, this some of which are seriously starting to become alarmed.