Tesla is the victim of yet another information leak this week. Indeed, it seems that the automaker is optimizing its Model 3 to offer some of these vehicles with 100 kWh batteries. Such an optimization of the battery should make it possible to benefit from a range of more than 400 miles (approximately 640 km). Tesla specialist "Green" leaker released this information. He would have carried out several searches in the vehicle code to reach this conclusion.

On Twitter, another hacker "Zeus M3" managed to access Tesla's factory mode and also got their hands on this configuration of the Model 3 with a 100 kWh battery.

For his part, Green and even more confident since he said in speaking of these Model 3: "I know they exist. I was hoping to have direct access to one of them soon, but it looks like you are ahead of me. I know there are others outside of Tesla test labs. " If these rumors are confirmed, this would represent a considerable increase compared to the 75 kWh currently offered. Autonomy would therefore go from 322 miles to 400 (from 520 km to 640 km).

It is important to clarify that this discovery does not necessarily mean that Tesla is about to produce such vehicles, it could be a simple prototype. Anyway, the runway exploited remains interesting and could give Tesla ideas for future Model 3s. Obviously who says improvement necessarily says price increase. Electrek went there from its prognosis by announcing that this version of the Model 3 could start from 55,000 dollars instead of the current 47,000 dollars. In addition, in the event that Tesla presents this novelty, it will also be expected that the batteries of Model S and X will be revised upwards.

Update – June 17, 2020.

Elon Musk himself has just tweeted about this news, it seems that these rumors are completely false.