The issue of recycling electric car batteries has just been brought to the forefront at Tesla. In Shanghai, the manufacturer released documents to local authorities regarding new installations in its Gigafactory.

US electric vehicle (EV) maker Tesla Inc plans to add facilities at its Shanghai plant to repair and recycle key components such as electric motors and battery cells, according to a document submitted by Tesla to authorities in Shanghai ‘, relayed Reuters this Tuesday.

Tesla is seriously starting to talk about recycling batteries, and that’s a good thing. The brand has been marketing its Model S for almost ten years and the question of the return of batteries and components for its electric cars will take on its full meaning in the near future, as more and more copies will be recycled.

From battery recycling to the Giga Shanghai

In November 2020, Germany punished Tesla with an insignificant fine (12 million euros), but not meaningless. On the subject of recycling, the State had pointed the finger at the manufacturer for not offering its customers in a transparent way a recovery plan for used batteries.

However, since April 2019, Tesla has announced the arrival of a “unique battery recycling technique”, which will result in “significant savings in the long term”. In its defense, the manufacturer does not dwell on the reappropriation of batteries by component of energy storage, instead of recycling them to produce new batteries.

Renault, Hyundai and even BMW were much more in favor of it, although the strategy is starting to change. In Flins, in Renault’s historic plant near Paris, a new battery recycling center will be set up by 2025, and the manufacturer plans to derive a new source of income from it.

China remains the largest market for electric cars in the world, with 1.3 million 100% electric or hybrid units sold in 2020. Looking at Tesla’s Shanghai plant to start a new activity in recycling will allow it to have several years before seeing the arrival of the first wave of Model S, Model 3 and Model X at the end of their life. The first Model 3 was released from Giga Shanghai on December 30, 2019.