A few weeks ago, when Reuters published an article on Apple’s ambitions in the automotive sector, Project Titan immediately returned to the fore. In its article, Reuters makes some predictions about the future of the Cupertino company, including its entry into the automotive industry in 2024 with a 100% electric car. Less than a week after the publication of the article by the British media, Apple took the floor to explain that this electric car project will not materialize before 2027.

The Titan project remains as mysterious as ever, so much so that last week we learned that Apple would indeed be on an electric car project with the support of a giant in the sector: Hyundai. Today, a new twist comes to decorate this affair. Reuters via Korean media IT News announces that Apple and Hyundai are on good terms and even plan to sign a partnership as early as next March. A partnership, of course, which will be linked to the design of an electric car.

A beta version from 2022?

Still according to information from IT News, the vehicle or vehicles in question should not leave the production line by 2024. Indeed, it would seem that initially, the objective is to produce 100,000 vehicles for year 2024, and then reach a cruising speed of 400,000 vehicles per year. Initial information leads us to believe that production will take place at the Kia Motors plant located in the state of Georgia, in the southeastern United States.

The IT News source reveals even more interesting information. Indeed, it would be question that a first version of an Apple vehicle is unveiled in 2022. IT News and Reuters have asked for more details, unfortunately the Korean group does not wish to comment further on this subject. We do not know where to turn as we receive new information about the Titan project. Either way, it’s a safe bet that Apple will present an electric vehicle between 2024 and 2027.