The Apple Car project never ceases to nurture fantasies. The idea of ​​seeing the apple brand launch into the automotive market is, it is true, something to dream of. Called “Project Titan”, it could bring very big to the company and some economists do not hesitate to put forward the figure of 50 billion dollars.

However, it is difficult to see clearly and to navigate as there are so many rumors and we hear everything and its opposite on this subject. Discussions have, however, been initiated with the manufacturer Hyundai so that the latter becomes Apple’s partner in construction from 2024, with a rate of around 100,000 vehicles per year. This electric car would also be autonomous and designed to operate without a driver.

Apple is also recruiting new talent

In the meantime, the Titan project is affected by a wave of departures, we learn Bloomberg. Nothing really alarming but it could disrupt development the American media believes. In detail, Dave Scott, who led the teams working on the robotics of the Apple Car, left his post and became CEO of Hyperfine, a healthcare company that develops next-generation MRI systems.

For his part, Jaime Waydo, who oversaw the safety and regulation of these vehicles, left the company to become director of technology for Cavnue, a startup specializing in the safety of autonomous cars. Finally, last February, Benjamin Lyon, who has worked on the project for several years, joined Astra as an engineer.

Of course, no one is irreplaceable and we can imagine that Apple will find new talent, but this could delay the progress of this project which should still last several years.

In the meantime, the apple brand has also recruited Manfred Harrer. Aged 48, he was responsible for chassis development at Porsche, and considered one of the best engineers in the Wolkswagen group.