After the acquisition of Boston Dynamics, Hyundai’s future will also depend on a major partnership with Apple. For the Apple brand, the Korean automaker will build the battery for its next electric car. A very serious announcement, published this Friday morning by a local media, Hankyung.

Hyundai does not currently produce its own batteries. Its range of electric models, among the most pioneering with Toyota, uses suppliers LG Energy Solution and SK Innovation today for components. But we have known since last May that Hyundai will soon start producing batteries.

For its electric car, Apple will need Hyundai… and Samsung?

Hyundai’s share price on Friday soared 18% following the announcement. But another manufacturer, also South Korean, was in the green at 8% growth for the last session of the first week of 2021, and it was Samsung.

What is the relationship between the two brands? Eight months ago, during its announcement, Hyundai indicated that the arrival of its first “home” battery for electric cars was going to be made in partnership with Samsung, one of the competitors but also a supplier to Apple. Indirectly, Apple might need Samsung for its electric car, as it has historically been the case for the iPhone.

An Apple Car, not before 2027

The bad news, however, will concern the date put forward in the local media report: 2027. The development of Apple’s electric car could take much longer than what a dispatch announced last month. Reuters, announcing for its part a potential presentation in 2024. Hyundai should focus on the battery, but we do not know if other elements of the car will be supported.

This question was already asked in December, when Apple put its “Project Titan” back on the front of the stage, as it is called. Hard to believe for some analysts that the Cupertino company, although it is the largest company in the world, can land on a market – what is more the automotive market with its legislative difficulties – without asking for help from a manufacturer traditional to grill the steps.

The information is confirmed today. In this regard, the report released on Sunday claimed that Apple had had other talks with different companies, but all of them car manufacturers. Hyundai has not yet been formalized as a partner, but history will at least give certification that the “Project Titan” has not been abandoned, and that the Apple Car may already give us a date and ask us for patience.