On July 1, the Interior Ministry issued a statement about the development of autonomous vehicles. In France, as in most countries of the world, autonomous cars or almost, are more and more present. Based on this observation, the Ministry of the Interior considers it important to include this type of driving in the Highway Code.

To date, no vehicle available for sale offers level 4 and 5, so the French authorities consider these cars to be “Cars whose dynamic control will be completely delegated to an automated driving system, but only when certain conditions are met.”

Never seen in Europe

Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, Minister Delegate in charge of Transport, declared: “With this decree, we are taking another step towards the mobility of the future. We are now giving our manufacturers and transport operators the visibility they need to develop them and, in the future, keep them running ”. If the project is successful, France will become the first European country to take such a decision.

Until now, the Highway Code indicates that the driver must be in control of his vehicle in all circumstances. Putting in place such a decree makes it possible not to put all the responsibilities on the driver when he is at the wheel of an autonomous or largely assisted car.

Tesla, one of the leading manufacturers in this field, has been showing spectacular results in France for a few months. In 2021, the Model 3 remains the best-selling electric car in France. It must be said that the American manufacturer has revised its pricing strategy downwards so that the French can take advantage of the CO2 bonus to the maximum and therefore do not spend “than” 36,000 euros for a Tesla Model 3. Still with the aim of making vehicles more accessible, Elon Musk and his teams are currently working on an even cheaper model… at 25,000 dollars.