While it was leading the race in 2019, the American Tesla weakened on the electric car market in Europe in 2020. Indeed, not only the group shows a general decline in its sales of around 11%, but it is also being outclassed by local competition …

Tesla outclassed by Volkswagen and Renault in Europe in 2020

In 2019, Tesla sold a total of 109,467 vehicles in Europe. In 2020, the situation is a little less flamboyant, with “only” 97,791 cars sold on the old continent. A boon for the competition, which was thus able to overtake the Californian group. This is particularly the case of the German Volkswagen.

Volkswagen ID3 2020 electric

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In fact, the VW group will have sold a total of 173,943 vehicles over the year 2020, representing growth of more than 240%. Obviously, the German manufacturer was able to count on the very successful launch of its small ID.3 to boost its sales. In France, Volkswagen sold nearly 4,200 ID.3s in 2020, making it the 6th best-selling electric car in just 3 months (the Volkswagen brand being 3rd in terms of sales of electric vehicles in 2020).

The electric car market in Europe was also very buoyant for the French Renault, which announced a total of 104,000 vehicles sold over the year 2020. Obviously, it was a certain Renault ZOE which carried the group’s electric sales. diamond, since the latter represents no less than 80% of total sales of electric vehicles.

Renault Twingo electric

In this regard, Renault could also have an excellent year 2021, since in addition to its very popular ZOE, the manufacturer is launching its small Twingo Electric, and we expect, by the end of the year (we hope) the marketing of the very first Dacia badged electric car, the Dacia Spring.