At Tesla we never do things exactly the same way as with competitors. Thus, if the American brand regularly offers updates to its cars via the internet, bringing them new software-managed functionalities (power, interface, streaming services and even suspension management on compatible models), we cannot say that it is particularly generous in terms of equipment and options available.

From this point of view, developments are very rare, and minimalism is the rule. Thus a Tesla Model S of 2020 does not offer many different equipment from those of the first version released in 2012. So much so that the Tesla, which are however expensive cars, lack certain functions that we find more more frequently on cars of lower categories. Some examples ? Let's go: on a Tesla, you will not find a parking camera with 360 ° view, no Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, no directional headlights, no GPS view in perspective, no separate ventilation setting (in any case on the Model 3) (1), no head-up display (damage on the Model 3 which does not have a driver-side instrument cluster) or even no reading of the panels. The list is even longer, but we will stop there for the most part. And therefore, no induction charger.

“Standard” equipment… which took a long time to come

This last point should evolve. Indeed, this equipment is now in the catalog of the Tesla Model Y, the first copies of which are starting to arrive at customers in the United States and soon in Canada, awaiting Europe and China a little later. However, the Model Y is only a “compact SUV” version of the Model 3, with a majority of parts in common, and especially in the passenger compartment, which prevails over one should logically be found on the other.

This will therefore be the case with the induction charger, which first appeared on Model Y then Model 3 made in China, and which will now also be implemented in Model 3 made in California. This standard induction charger will come with USB-C ports, compared to 4 USB ports in current versions.

However, many accessories manufacturers offer this aftermarket equipment, which is easy to install in place of the current plate located in the front console. We find from 35 euros on Amazon. Tesla also offers its accessory, but at a higher price (140 euros), it however has the advantage of being "approved" by the brand.

Tesla Model 3 with integrated induction charger and USB-C ports have been manufactured since June 4, 2020.

(1) the air conditioning offers a separate left-right temperature adjustment, but not the ventilation, whose power cannot be adjusted separately, which does not promote household peace.