It is an understatement to say that in recent weeks Tesla is at the top of the wave. The automaker, owned by Elon Musk, is soaring on the stock market, reaching a record capitalization that is simply crazy. The company has just made the talk again this week thanks to a surprising announcement concerning Bitcoin. An investment of 1.5 billion that blew up the price of cryptocurrency. The cars of the brand are modern, elegant and do the talking. A winning combo of which we have just had a new illustration.

The power of virality highlighted by Tesla

It’s a video that has made the buzz in recent days and we thought we really needed to tell you about it. The scene takes place in a gigantic parking lot of the company and it is an employee who would have liked to immortalize this moment. To know what it is, a few details are needed on Tesla’s electric vehicles.

  • Owners of a Tesla vehicle benefit from “On The Air” updates remotely to correct flaws or also add functions.
  • The Tesla Model 3 activates its warnings when an update is installed remotely.

So what happens when hundreds of Tesla vehicles parked in a parking lot receive the update at the same time? We have the right to real sound and light. Halfway between the science fiction film and part of Space Invaders, the image is simply crazy and undoubtedly unprecedented. It should be noted however that the update is not done exactly in a synchronized way between the different cars.

All the same, there is still information missing and Internet users are wondering. So what is this update that has just been deployed? Is this a new feature for Tesla or a security flaw? In any case, it is still a very good communication operation from which Elon Musk’s company has just benefited. And for once, he didn’t even have to post a tweet …

And if all of this makes you want to work at Tesla, we’ve got some good news. The company is recruiting. But to avoid getting trapped by Elon Musk during the interview, here’s what you need to know …