News of the Tesla Cybertruck, more than a year after its presentation, has surfaced via Elon Musk’s Twitter account. As every Friday afternoon, a design session is organized between the Tesla teams and the CEO to report on the progress. Last week, they took a look at the very special looking pickup that is the Cybertruck.

Considering its size and wheelbase, the model could become a nightmare if maneuvered. To not be a problem and cool customers to adopt it (a million have pre-ordered it), Tesla is working on four-wheel steering. In addition to moving the front axle, the steering wheel could therefore act on the rear wheels during tight maneuvers.

“Cybertruck will be almost exactly what was shown. We add rear wheel steering so that it can make tight turns and maneuver with great agility ”, Elon Musk commented. Fine connoisseurs will see something in common with Hummer and Rivian, two manufacturers who have adopted techniques to improve the agility of their models.

Comparing with these two brands, it could be that Tesla competes in creativity and comes out with a much more sophisticated functionality than just rear wheel steering. For example, on Hummer, it is possible to use a “crab” mode. At Rivian, tanks provided inspiration for the development of the R1T.

Marketing this year

The months go by and the Cybertruck is still not marketed. Its schedule for the end of 2021 is still relevant so maybe we can discover the final version of the machine before the end of the year. Meanwhile, Elon Musk had already put forward the idea that the model should be smaller and have adaptive air suspensions. The first statement was revised in May 2020.

“Other great things” are planned, as noted by the billionaire boss. New features could therefore arrive on the pickup. Opposite, the race is on with its competitors, and in particular Ford which has (finally) presented its F-150 Lightning, the electric version of the best-selling model in the United States.