A little "feel good" story in these times of viral apocalypse cannot hurt our morale. Especially since it allows you to see the country, which has become rather rare in recent weeks.

A Maine American who had just received one of the first Porsche Taycan Turbo models delivered to the world also received an invitation from his mother to come and visit him on the other side of the country, in California, nearly 5,000 kilometers from home. him. Listening only to his feelings for his dear father but also (and above all?) For his new mount, and certainly believing that 5000 kilometers were not enough to really appreciate a roadtrip aboard the electric car from Porsche, Don Louv said therefore decided to offer a complete tour of the North American continent, via a loop going from northern Canada to the south of the USA, passing by the two east and west coasts.

A journey that was completed in 46 days, which is far from being a performance, but that was not the goal. The objective was to see if it was possible in 2020 to cover such a distance over such a vast and diverse territory by electric car, but also, quite simply, to offer a little pleasure while sharing the adventure on the networks social by carrying out a real life-size test of the car. The average daily distance traveled is not insane since it stands at 384 kilometers, or each day for a month and a half the equivalent of the distance Paris – Nantes.

Porsche Taycan roadtrip USA Canada

Don Louv explains himself in a statement to our colleagues from InsideEVs: "A normal person would fly. Or else she would drive her very comfortable and well-equipped Sprinter Van. But I'm not normal, and I had just taken delivery of the Taycan. I love traveling by car, so I did some research and discovered that with the new networks of very fast charging stations from Petro-Canada and Electrify America, it was entirely possible. The trip then took a life apart, and became a way to visit dozens of friends along the way. "

Needless to say, there is something missing in its equation: this kind of trip is not really within the reach of the first comer, if only with regard to the price of the car, or 155,000 euros without the options …

Between 346 and 364 kilometers of average range depending on the outside temperature

According to him and the measurements provided by the onboard computer and the Taycan's battery management system, the average range per charge over the entire journey was 346 kilometers, including the first 5,600 kilometers traveled in very bad weather. cold and on many snow-covered roads. The average range in temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius is 364 km per charge.

A roadtrip which made it possible to check the state of advancement of charging infrastructures on American and Canadian territory: "The network of chargers for" all the others "(ie non-Teslas) has started slowly, but he quickly catches up. This trip proves that a non-Tesla electric vehicle can be driven almost anywhere in the United States, and from coast to coast in Canada. The network is not perfect. It is not always fluid. It often takes two or three tries to start a recharge session. But in the end, it still works. On rare occasions, you may need to go back to a level 2 charger and go read a book. But eventually you will get there. And with more and more DC Fast chargers constantly on the line, it will become easier and smoother. ”

As Louv points out, Tesla vehicles have been able to go pretty much anywhere in North America with very few drawbacks for quite some time, which other manufacturers' EVs really can't claim. However, the charging networks, led by Electrify America, are quickly catching up and will soon have coverage comparable to that of the Tesla network.

If you have the time and the courage to hit 1h30 of timelapse without it triggering an epilepsy attack at home, here is the video of the trip

In terms of comfort and fatigue, nothing to report, Don Louv being rather appreciative of the qualities of his car: "Long car trips in a Taycan are much easier than I imagined. The car is supremely quiet and comfortable. I could easily drive 8 or 10 hours a day without a problem. On the last day, I drove (and charged) for 17 hours, covering more than 1,000 miles. If it were to be done again, I would absolutely do it again! "

Other big wheelers have also tried this kind of trip, but in Europe this time, from Oslo to Malaga, with some disappointments when it was necessary to load the car, and even a passage on the charger of a concession … Jaguar , with the obligation to hide the Taycan under a tarpaulin.