Across the Atlantic, Tesla is currently testing an upcoming Autopilot update. This update should have arrived in late 2019, and at that time Tesla was talking about new urban autonomous driving features.

On Twitter, the account Out of Spec Motoring presents us with a first glimpse of this update and we can clearly see that the Autopilot is operating alone in the city with in particular an option which allows the vehicle to detect traffic lights by automatically stopping when it is red. A great way to obey the highway code.

On the dashboard, the driver will also receive a notification telling him why his vehicle stopped. This feature can also be disabled or enabled as desired by the driver.

Elon Musk had assured that the Full Self-Driving option would see the light of day. Now this is the case for some Tesla owners, who obviously bought this option when ordering. For your information, Tesla's fully autonomous Driving costs 6,300 euros, and more than 8,000 euros if you want to install it later.

For the moment, only the United States is concerned by this innovation, it will still be necessary to wait many months so that the other markets are concerned. On Twitter, Elon Musk says: " I hope the traffic lights and stops will be in place for a large-scale release in the United States in a few weeks and probably a worldwide release in the third quarter (so many variations in each country!). It is very important to make sure everything is going well."