We just learned in an email from Elon Musk collected by the press agency Reuters, that the Tesla Semi is said to be in production. Tesla CEO reportedly said it was now time to get Tesla Semi into production, information that the billionaire who has been busy with SpaceX lately confirmed on Twitter.

Tesla Semi begins production

Tesla’s electric truck was once again behind in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic, which shut down the brand's production sites. Finally, at the beginning of June, the Tesla Semi will finally take to the production lines, to respond to the first orders placed. Unfortunately, no marketing schedule has been specified at this time.

In his letter, Elon Musk referred to Gigafactory 1, his production plant located in Nevada. "Battery and powertrain production to take place in Giga Nevada" read the agency. Reuters, of the boss of the electric car firm which now aims to compete with Volvo in a market in full transformation.

An overpowered electric truck

Like its cars, Tesla is very popular for videos of the first prototypes of its Semi. It must be said that the power of its electric motor will allow it to surpass any diesel truck: 0 to 100 km / h is close to 25 seconds, while it takes more than a minute for a conventional thermal engine .

Tesla Semi interior

The center cabin of the Semi, Tesla's next electric truck © Tesla

Tesla will also offer a cabin in a completely redesigned cabin. The cockpit is centered, and the old buttons on the heavyweight dashboards have given way to two side screens.

The first deliveries will be closely followed. Tesla will have to satisfy DHL, Pepsi, UPS and Walmart, among its main customers who filled out order forms when the model was presented in 2017.