A few days ago, Elon Musk again published a few controversial tweets. On the one hand, he took a stand in favor of massive deconfinement in the name of the freedom of American residents, echoing several demonstrations during which pro-Trump people gathered in the streets for the same reasons. Presumably Musk's speech was related to the fact that he cannot reopen his American factory at this time, precisely because of the confinement and the measures in progress.

More recently, Elon Musk also spoke on Twitter saying that " Tesla action (was) too high " Reactions were quick, as the stock fell 10.3% after having already dropped more than 13% earlier.

Elon Musk, genius, misunderstood or troll?

Following these recent escapades, the Blind network conducted a survey of several Tesla employees. In it, he asked them if Elon Musk's tweets were affecting their business and, if so, how. As a result, 3.7% of group employees considered these messages to be harmful to the company.

As for the leader, 26.1% think that Elon Musk is a genius while 10.9% believe that the entrepreneur is misunderstood and that 10.9% consider him to be a troll on the Internet. Finally, 43.5% of those questioned think that Elon Musk is a combination of the three, that is to say a genius, a misunderstood and a troll.

Blind commented on the survey, stating, " Tech workers are notorious for having their compensation tied to the value of the business and the share price. So although Elon’s Twitter activity (Musk, Editor's note) generates conversations and media coverage, the impact on stock prices raises the question of how those who work directly for him and are paid as such think about the situation. In other words, the memes and torments of Twitter can be funny from an outsider's point of view. One can nevertheless wonder if the joke is less funny when the remuneration which you receive after working long hours is considerably and quickly reduced "

However, the result of this survey remains to be taken with tweezers, because Blind probably interviewed a little more than 50 people working at Tesla, without the number of participants being more precise.

It can still be said that Elon Musk's messages divide many employees even though they may consider him a genius or a misunderstood.