Tesla introduced a feature called Smart Summon a few months ago. This option allows a Tesla owner to call their vehicle, which is wisely parked in a parking space, to come completely independently. A feature that can be very useful when you are in the parking lot of a large area and you do not want to cross it with your shopping in your arms.

If the Tesla Autopilot is criticized very often, this feature seems to work well. However, many users do not find it useful enough. After many comments, Tesla understood that the reverse function would be even more interesting. That is to say leave your car at the entrance of the parking lot and leave quietly to do what you have to do while the car is parking alone.

So far, this reverse function is only in the testing phase, however, Elon Musk himself has mentioned that it can be launched by the end of the year. Recently, on Twitter, he added some details to the progress of this project.

The CEO added that Tesla has the ability to map parking lots using its fleet of hundreds of thousands of vehicles to better understand where they can and cannot park. The calendar is still unclear and we cannot be more precise than " before the end of the year ". Either way, it looks like after the traffic lights are detected, the reverse Smart Summon feature should be the next new feature for the Tesla Autopilot. This option should logically be deployed in the United States before reaching other markets.