If the title of Tesla knew an increase thanks to the successful launch of SpaceX last week, that does not prevent the manufacturer from facing a new collective action launched by several users of the Model 3. These evoke the degradation of painting, but also a concern for corrosion on vehicles in cold countries.

A collective action launched in Canada

The problem seems relatively frequent in Canada, where the Tesla Model 3 must acclimatize to a particularly cold climate, but also to the salt deposited on the roads to avoid the risks of ice. Electrek evokes the case of Quebec, explaining that users have benefited from incentives to purchase an electric vehicle.

Tesla Model 3 corrosion paint

© Electrek

Jean-François Bellerose, owner of a Tesla Model 3, has filed a class action against the automaker, saying that the latter had refused to deal with paint problems despite the warranty. According to the documents, he noticed a deterioration of the latter after a single winter spent on Canadian roads. When he went to a workshop to fix this problem, he received a quote of $ 4,700 rather than being taken care of.

Other owners of Tesla Model 3 have followed this user and are now claiming that the American brand pay the difference between the price of the vehicle and its diminished value due to paint and corrosion. In sum, this would amount to the cost of repairs, plus $ 500 for each owner affected by this concern.

For its part, Tesla seems to be aware of this problem which affects vehicles traveling in these climatic conditions. Since then, the automotive company has offered its protection kit all-weather worth $ 50 to users in cold countries – like Canada. She says on this subject: " In some areas where salt, sand or gravel is used to improve road conditions in winter, we provide the all weather protection kit for free to protect your paintwork from stone chips. Self-installation instructions are included "

This kit aims to " avoid corrosion around the wheels and protect your paintwork against stone chips and driving conditions which can accelerate wear Tesla says on his website.