If you've ever had the opportunity to ride a motorcycle, you know that even the smallest of them is very heavy. As a result, new riders can sometimes be surprised when they are stopped and trying to hold their motorcycle. Fortunately, Harley-Davidson, which is known for its huge motorcycles, has just filed a patent for a gyroscope that could help keep its bike upright. A gyroscope is a device which exploits the principle of the conservation of the angular momentum in physics, according to the patent to deposit this last should function at low speed.

Thanks to a small electric motor, this gyroscope will rotate between 10,000 and 20,000 rpm, it is this movement that will keep the motorcycle in balance at low speed. The main advantage of this accessory is that it is transportable. Indeed, you do not need to buy a motorcycle with the integrated gyroscope, since it adapts to different models directly via the top case. In fact the gyroscope can work just like wheels to learn to ride a bike, once you are used to it you can do without it.

A single gyroscope should therefore be compatible with several motorcycles, as long as it is possible to connect it, and as long as it is able to detect the speed of the vehicle to start turning. To date, it is still too early to say when this accessory will be available, if it ever is. Anyway, if this patent becomes reality, this gyroscope should be quite expensive like most Harley-Davidson equipment. In addition, Harley-Davidson continues to electrify its fleet by now presenting two models of electric motorcycles: the LiveWire and the most recent Mid-Power which should be available from 2022. In terms of price, the Mid-Power should be more accessible than the LiveWire which is available from 33,900 euros.