Earlier this year, Elon Musk told us more about his future Tesla pickup. At the announcement, the ECO discussed a few features, such as an option of 600 to 800 kilometers of range, two all-wheel drive and dynamic suspension engines, and a towing capacity of 150 tonnes.

While Elon Musk was talking about his pickup truck, he said the design of the pickup truck would be very futuristic. After this talk, some fans decided to try to imagine what it might look like, but Elon Musk says none of these attempts are similar to the project Tesla is currently working on.

However, searching through the 3D representations of fans, Electrek has gotten hold of important information. Indeed, it seems that the designer Sahm Jafari, from the famous California Art Center College of Design, did an internship in Tesla. During this period, he drew an interesting vehicle. Sahm Jafari explains his approach this way: "A car that stands under the Model 3 in order to make electric vehicles accessible to all. The Model Zero enhances the brand image towards the entry-level market and opens the doors of sustainable mobility to almost anyone looking to afford a new vehicle. "

Tesla Model Zero

© sahmjafari.com

It is also important to mention that in addition to proposing this project, Sahm Jafari worked mainly on the "Cyberpunk truck" that is to say, the mysterious Tesla pickup. Indeed, the front of the Model Zero strangely resembles that of the teaser of the pickup published by Tesla.

As announced, this pickup will be endowed with a great autonomy, which induces to make important energy savings. The fact that the front axle is lower gives the vehicle significant aerodynamic qualities, and ultimately consumes less energy. Tesla plans to present its pickup next month, so we will be fixed.

Regarding the Model Zero, it may be that this project remains a sketch without any outcome, the firm has not yet communicated on this subject. And what do you think about these Model Zero sketches? Give us your opinion in the comments.

Tesla Model Zero Rear

© sahmjafari.com