More and more, the tech giants are entering the automotive industry. As a result, historic manufacturers must take this turn to stay in the race. While Apple is in talks with Nissan, Volkswagen has called on Microsoft to accelerate the development of autonomous driving. As usual, Amazon is not used to letting its colleagues take advantage of a new market without trying its luck.

Torc Robotics will be able to count on AWS

Torc Robotics, a subsidiary of Daimler Trucks, is an American autonomous vehicle company. The latter called on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to facilitate the transfer, storage and analysis of the large amount of data collected to develop its autonomous driving technology. Exactly like Volkswagen intends to use Microsoft Azure. Torc Robotics is currently working on a level 4 autonomous driving platform. No manufacturer currently offers such a level of autonomy. At level 4, the driver can go about other occupations and does not have to be ready to take control when needed.

To achieve this level of autonomy, the vehicle must store and analyze a multitude of data in order to anticipate any situation. Therefore, it is essential for the manufacturer to set up this type of partnership with a company like Amazon and its AWS division. Michael Fleming, CEO of Torc Robotics, said in a statement: “Our ability to manage data has to be able to keep pace, whether it’s for transfer, storage or increasing our simulation capabilities. With AWS, we have a trusted solution that has the necessary compute capacity, transfer speed, and security when we need it ”.

Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, all that’s missing is Google. Precisely, it is the American manufacturer Ford which would have chosen to approach the Mountain View firm for the same reasons as its competitors.