The announcement of Tesla’s integration into the S & P500 has had its small effect. The rise in the capitalization of the automaker has picked up again after the “Split” of August 31. Now Tesla is worth $ 500 billion, a figure that has increased fivefold since the start of the year, and which has put the brand on a pedestal such that a third of the auto industry is represented by its business.

Whether there is a share of a speculative bubble or not, Tesla still makes a man happy: his CEO. Elon Musk continues to rise through the ranks. In the ranking of the greatest fortunes on earth, nothing really seems to stop him, in such a short time. He had passed Bernard Arnaud (LVMH Group), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook Group), now he has just made second place to Bill Gates, estimated by Bloomberg at 127.7 billion dollars.

7 billion in a day

On Monday alone, with sharply growing stock, Tesla helped Elon Musk increase his fortune by more than $ 7 billion. This Tuesday again, the title took 6.43% on the NASDAQ, for an exceptional capitalization of 500 billion dollars. Facebook is “no longer very far”, at 788 billion, when Visa and Samsung are already in the rearview mirror of the manufacturer.

Of course, this information will not be the same tomorrow, and even less in a week. Elon Musk’s fortune depends particularly on his shares and Tesla will have to maintain the optimism of its investors to consolidate its new high reached earlier this week, at $ 555 per share. Recently, the brand updated the range of its Model S to counter the announcements made by the Lucid Air, an electric sedan that will arrive early next year.

December 21 and Tesla’s entry on the S & P500 stock market index will be part of these elements of consolidating its future. From now on, the title will be automatically followed by financial products, ETFs. Biden’s election to power in the United States, along with his “special climate representative,” former Secretary of State John Kerry, could also be a win-win for Tesla.