Undeniably, technology has revolutionized the auto industry over the past few years, and it’s just getting started. We know, for example, that Apple has been working for years on a secret project to introduce an autonomous electric vehicle in the years to come.

To do this, the Cupertino company seeks to collaborate with an experienced manufacturer in this field. If for a few weeks rumors have appeared around a potential agreement between Apple and Hyundai, the South Korean manufacturer will finally put an end to them. Now, it seems that Apple is in talks with Nissan.

GAFAMs invite themselves to the automotive industry

However, Apple is not the only tech company keen to enter the automotive industry. Volkswagen has just announced that its current partnership with Microsoft will be strengthened to work on an automated driving platform. The German group wishes to take advantage of the skills of Microsoft Azure to accelerate the development of its ADP (Automated Driving Platform).

To implement such a technology, it is necessary to use learning machine in order to train the automated driving system to react according to a multitude of situations. It is therefore essential to store a huge amount of data such as the state of the road, obstacle detection, the attitude of the driver, or even the weather. That is why Volkswagen has decided to make more use of the computing power of Microsoft Azure in order to accelerate the development of these features.

Dirk Hilgenberg, current CEO of the Car.Software division set up by Volkswagen, says: “By combining our broad expertise in the development of connected driving solutions and Microsoft’s know-how in cloud and software, we will be able to accelerate the deployment of safe and comfortable mobility services”. This Volkswagen testimonial reminds us of Nissan’s about its view of the Apple project. Makoto Uchida, CEO of Nissan, explains that his company needs “Take new initiatives, and work with well-informed companies, with good experience, through partnerships and collaboration”.