Unconventionalism is the word that the French manufacturer has chosen to unveil its brand new 100% electric model: the Citroën AMI. This model is unique in several aspects – be it the design, its target and its marketing method.

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Discover the Citroën AMI

Citroën AMI: the city electric par excellence

The Citroën AMI was designed for urban travel. Its format of 2.41 meters in length and 1.52 meters in height allows it to slip into the narrowest parking spaces. Even though it is one of the most compact cars on the market, it can still accommodate two passengers, which is quite practical for families.

Fully electric, the Citroën AMI has a 6 kW battery and has a range of 75 km. Its 8hp engine offers a maximum speed of 45 km / h – so it is really cut for the road in town. Level recharge, a simple 220 volt socket allows you to fill the entire charge in 3 hours, and you can also use public charging stations.

The Citroën AMI does not have a trunk as such, but two places behind the seats allow you to store your things. The passenger seat also allows you to put a travel bag if necessary. Everything is optimized in the Citroën AMI so that comfort is there and the doors open in opposite directions, which is quite rare on the market.

Where to buy the Citroën AMI, at what price?

The other special feature of AMI is its way of marketing. The PSA group has signed a partnership with Fnac-Darty to market the vehicle on the brand's commercial sites. This model is particularly affordable, and you can choose between immediate purchase or rental over a period of 48 months. After configuration, you can have your Citroën AMI delivered directly to your home or to a collection point.

Available in 5 finishes, the Citroën AMI is available from € 6,900. It targets a very large and urban target ranging from students to families who require a second car for intra-urban travel. It also gives entitlement to the four-cycle ecological bonus of € 900.

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It is also available for long-term rental (over 48 months) at a very aggressive price of € 19.99 per month, after an initial rent of € 3,541. It’s cheaper than the public transit card of big cities and the investment pays off in the long run.

A family and connected car

Another differentiating point from the Citroën AMI: it does not require a driving license. In other words, it is accessible from the age of 14, provided you have your BSR (or AM license).

Connectivity is at the heart of the Citroën AMI. A space on the dashboard is dedicated to receiving smartphones. It’s its screen that becomes the on-board screen for applications like GPS or music. The car is also connected and the My Citroën application allows you to access several information including autonomy, and the current state of charge.

Dashboard of the Citroën Ami

The smartphone at the heart of the Citroën AMI © Citroën