Bikers and two-wheelers may cringe. By 2022, all vehicles in this category will likely must submit to technical control previously reserved for automobiles.

This new inevitable measure follows a European directive. It requires France to establish a technical inspection of two-wheelers if we do not succeed by 2022 in proving that road safety actions have reduced accidents in this category of vehicles. At the time of writing, this is not the case. And France is the last European country not to have implemented this rule.

According to the directive, technical control should be compulsory during resale a two-wheeler, three-wheeler or quad. Like cars, it should be renewed every two years. Checkpoints include steering, lighting, two-wheeler identification, braking, structure, ground connections, equipment and pollution.

A dispensable and questionable measure?

Despite the European directive, the implementation of such a measure remains debatable. According to Road Safety figures, only 1% of motorized two-wheeler accidents are due to a technical problem. This figure is explained by more rigorous maintenance of two-wheelers by their owners. Less protected than in a car, bikers are more concerned with the safety of their machines. A smooth tire or defective brakes on a motorcycle do not forgive.

The question of technical control centers is also quite vague. Many centers are not equipped specific control equipment for two wheels (too much investment for few customers). Also, bikers will have to travel tens of kilometers to carry out the controls.

Finally, the question of pollution tests poses a problem. Currently, most motorcycles and almost all mopeds do not comply with current regulations. In summary, only a tiny number of two-wheelers could pass the tests.

All these points could well raise an outcry from biker associations, which we know the determination to assert their rights. In 2012, François Fillon had already tried to impose a technical control for all mopeds. Faced with the revolt of bikers, the Prime Minister had given up. This hot file will intervene at the dawn of the presidential elections of 2022 and therefore falls very badly for the government of the day. The final stretch looks complicated.