As you know, Elon Musk is the head of many companies. And what he above all does is draw parallels between his various societies. You may remember that February 2018, the month Musk via SpaceX sent a Tesla Roadster into space. Lately, he has expressed his desire to return to see his car in space. Today it’s not with SpaceX that Tesla is doing the show, but with The Boring Company.

For the record, Elon Musk founded The Boring Company in 2016 after saying on Twitter that he would like to know how to build tunnels. The Boring Company is therefore a tunnel construction company. This week, teams saw a Tesla Cybertruck arrive around the Boring Company’s test tunnel under Los Angeles. Even if we still know very little about this vehicle, it has a rather imposing appearance. However, if the video below is to be believed, it easily passes through the tunnel.

On this video we can admire the Cybertruck in action, and it is important to note that Tesla plans to launch two versions of this vehicle by the end of 2021. These electric pickups will have a range of 300 to 500 miles (500 to 800 km approximately) and will be equipped with two and three motors. In terms of price it will take at least $ 49,000. A more accessible version around 40,000 dollars should arrive later. We still don't know in which factory the Tesla Cybertruck will be designed, however there may be an announcement soon.

Elon Musk has also said that the Cybertuck will be part of the trip to Mars in 2022 with SpaceX. The latter said that a pressurized version of the Cybertruck would be the official vehicle once the Starship arrived at its destination.