While the Stuttgart firm plans to present its first electric limousine on April 15, the first photos of this Mercedes EQS have just fallen. In reality, the Mercedes EQS looks more like a large sedan than a limousine, since it is very close to the latest generation of the S-Class, in a 100% electric version. On these first images, one thing particularly caught our attention: the dashboard.

Mercedes unveils its future electric models in pictures

This is rather understandable, since this is the first time in the automotive industry that a screen takes up so much space (1.41 m wide). As you can see in the photo, it literally covers the entire dashboard, from the driver’s area, to the passenger area. In reality, these are 3 screens linked together and protected by a single polycarbonate pane. This white interior embellished with this bluish appearance immediately transports us to the future.

Mercedes extremely attentive to the comfort of its users

If Mercedes plans to formalize this vehicle during a presentation on April 15, 2021, it will be necessary to wait until the next school year so that this marvel can be marketed. Regarding the first technical characteristics, the Mercedes EQS should have a wide range of 700 km. And although Mercedes has paid particular attention to the interior of this car, the futuristic aspect is not limited to the design.

The German manufacturer has taken the decision to push its concept very far by embellishing the Mercedes EQS with ultra-high artificial intelligence. This system is capable of analyzing and assimilating the habits of several drivers, in particular by being able to adapt the passenger compartment according to the profile detected. For example, if the car detects that a user tends to often turn on the heating at the wheel, this option will be offered to him as soon as the latter begins to want to put the heating on.

It is still important to specify that this new technology focused on driver comfort will be an option at the time of purchase.