Tesla keeps pushing back the launch date for its electric truck. The Semi was originally announced for 2019 but here we are in 2021 and its debut is still in jeopardy. Her boss Elon Musk has expressed skepticism that the truck will arrive this year. At issue: the production of batteries.

Like the upcoming Model S Plaid + and the Roadster, the Tesla Semi is announced with the new model of 4680 cells, presented in September 2020 during “Battery Day”. Much more efficient, these batteries will have a production limited to the factories of Fremont initially.

On Twitter, Elon Muk was responding to a tweet asking him for news of the next Semi. “We are too limited in the number of cells at the moment, but we can probably be ready next year” he said last weekend. Enough to put an end to the rumors of recent months claiming that the truck would soon go into production.

Uncertainty since 2017

Also internally, the starting signal was launched last year. In an email from Elon Musk received in June 2020 by Reuters, the man announced neither more nor less than the entry into production of the Tesla Semi, and he had confirmed to a user on Twitter that the email was indeed true. Its first customers, Pepsi, UPS and Walmart, who had filled out their order forms in 2017, will still have to be patient.

It’s unclear exactly what could have slowed Tesla’s schedule and production of its new batteries. The automaker may well want to prioritize the production of its cars to meet its targets as a shortage of microprocessors is currently plaguing the automotive market. Tesla is targeting 750,000 units delivered this year, 250,000 more than its 2020 target.