If the automotive industry is becoming more and more comfortable with the electric, we are still at the beginnings of 100% autonomous vehicles. But then when it comes to flying cars, it's still far from a priority. If Boeing, Uber, or Rolls-Royce are currently working on the subject, it is unfortunately not yet common to drive in a flying car.

Despite everything, the American manufacturer Alauda intends to organize the first flying car race in history this year. For a few years, Alauda has been developing its electric flying car called Airspeeder. A first prototype of this vehicle was presented last summer.

To date, Alauda is in the advanced testing phase. The company has recruited test pilots from the United States Army to test the latest MK4 model, which is expected to fly during these famous races. However, the tests were delayed by the measures taken because of COVID-19. The MK4s are e-VTOLs driven 50 meters above the ground and powered at 200 km / h by their electric motor.

If Alauda keeps its word and manages to really organize flying car races, this sport would have everything to become popular. We can already imagine motorsport and esports fans admiring these futuristic races, worthy of a science fiction film. Alauda explains that the races will be broadcast all over the world, and that to truly attend the race only a few VIPs will be able to access them.

As mentioned, some manufacturers are seriously working on the implementation of taxi-flying. In a January 23 statement, Boeing officially announced that it had successfully stolen the prototype of its flying taxi, a first for the American company. This test notably included a successful takeoff and vertical landing. Just like the hover which was perfectly realized.