For many, Lucid Motors is considered a “Tesla Killer” even though the long-awaited Lucid Air is still not available for sale. This manufacturer of a new era announces excellent characteristics such as a range of 800 kilometers and good acceleration (0 to 96 km / h in 2.5 seconds), for the most advanced models.

Lucid Air is coming soon

The most impatient will be happy, the manufacturer of luxury electric vehicles has just announced that production and deliveries should begin this year. Lucid Motors CEO Peter Rawlinson told investors on a call his teams have completed the pre-production phase after a series of delays and the company is on track to begin production and deliveries in the second half of 2021. .

In parallel to this announcement, the Californian company also plans to accelerate the expansion of its plant to better meet demand and to add an assembly line dedicated to its next model, an electric SUV. As a reminder, Peter Rawlinson, the founder of Lucid Motors, is a former Tesla engineer. The latter claims that the Lucid Air has been pre-ordered by more than 10,000 people with the input that goes with it. If this is confirmed, marketing would get off to a good start for Lucid Motors.

While waiting for the arrival of the Lucid Air, the company announced in the spring that this sedan should carry 21 Dolby Atmos speakers. Tim Pryde, Music Director at Dolby explains: “They can really give you an immersive experience because you are literally in the middle of them”. Dolby Atmos sound uses multidirectional technology well known in movie theaters, which could have many uses in a car in addition to enjoying quality sound. For example, when a passenger is not strapped in, the alert will sound particularly around their seat without disturbing the other passengers too much.