As always, as soon as an innovative concept gains importance, detractors are everywhere. The electric automobile has been around for years already, and while anti-electrics were until now discreet, although active on social networks, they are choosing to make themselves heard in a new way. This weekend, an image made the rounds of social networks, that of connectors of an electric charging station filled with minced meat.

A growing hatred

A situation never seen before, photographed in Munich this weekend. The minced meat damaged the connectors, they had to be changed to make the station functional again. While the minced meat attack is a brand new concept, vandalism of charging stations is on the rise in Bavaria, and especially around Munich. Hatred towards electric vehicle owners and primarily Tesla drivers has been around forever.

One of the most well-known ways to demonstrate anti-electric commitment is by ICE-ing. This practice simply consists of occupying the places reserved for recharging electric vehicles with a thermal vehicle. Most of the time these are large diesel or gasoline cars, such as pick-ups. The minced meat is a first.

Either way, the electric automobile is the future of this industry, and it is not a handful of refractories armed with trays of minced meat that will succeed in stopping this development. To date, all of the major manufacturers are designing or considering the design of electric vehicles.