If the car market has been very affected by this year 2020 which saw the dealerships close a large part of it, the manufacturers of electric cars do not have the right to complain after a year, very successful.

Indeed, across Europe, the Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) announced on Thursday that electric cars sold twice as much in 2020 as in 2019. The increase is even more impressive if the we look at the sales figures for plug-in hybrid cars, which tripled over the year.

A most striking figure, when we know that the thermal car market has fallen by 25% because of the health crisis on the old continent.

Over the whole of 2020, gasoline-powered cars remain the benchmark with more than one million sales, and nearly half of this new fleet (47%). Logically, it is the diesel vehicles which follow, with 28% of the market. The two main fuels have nevertheless seen their number of new cars sold drop sharply this year, with a 33% drop for gasoline cars in the last quarter of the year. At the same time, diesel cars also suffered a drop in sales of almost a quarter compared to the same period last year.

Tesla is not the only one responsible for this explosion

If the firm of Elon Musk is one of the first brands that comes to mind when we talk about electric cars, this jump in sales in 2020 cannot be explained only by the figures of the American company. . In fact, it is mainly plug-in hybrids that have experienced very strong growth this year, with an impressive +169%, exceeding one million sales.

Hybrid vehicles also saw a sharp increase, 59% compared to 2019, with 1.1 million new registrations. These new cars accounted for nearly one in 10 sales in Europe in this year 2020. A figure very slightly higher than that of plug-in hybrid cars which represent 10% of sales.

For his part, Tesla is doing well, very well. Indeed, 2020 was a complicated year for the brand because of the health crisis, but the sales figures of the latter do not seem to be impacted as the year has been exceptional.

Growth to be confirmed in 2021

With nearly 500,000 sales worldwide during the year, Tesla has exploded its own sales record, and is positioned as the benchmark in the world of electric cars. Faced with these figures, Elon Musk can say thank you to Model 3 and Model Y which alone represent 9 out of 10 sales for Tesla.

While thermal vehicles are gradually starting to lose market share, electric cars, like Tesla’s, are on the rise. According to the IHS Markit appraisal firm, Elon Musk’s company should double its number of sales in France during this year 2021, with for the first time, the bar of 15,000 registrations which would be reached in France. .