At CES in Las Vegas 2021, Amazon began to address it: Alexa, its voice assistant, will replace the technologies that car manufacturers are trying to configure in their cars. Lamborghini and Rivian had been presented as the first two partners, but now Amazon reports today to have a bigger ambition.

As with FCA (Fiat-Chrysler group, which merged with PSA), other manufacturers could choose to work with Amazon to offer a “Simultaneous multi-assistant cooperation”. In other words, Alexa’s artificial intelligence would complement the manufacturers’ voice assistant program to respond “To everyday needs”.

Amazon wants to sell its Alexa technologies

In a press release this Friday, Amazon announced the news by unveiling a new service: Alexa Custom Assistant. It will be a more customizable version of its voice assistant technology. With it, car manufacturers who so wish will be able to introduce Alexa in their cars, while configuring the voices and services in their brand colors.

Each manufacturer can, for example, choose another term to activate the assistant, instead of pronouncing the name “Alexa” to dictate a request. Not all commands to the on-board computer will necessarily be supported, as Amazon believes manufacturers might want to keep their own technology out of technical necessity.

With this cohabitation, “This allows the brand assistant to act as a product specialist, while Alexa is always available to meet daily needs”Amazon wrote in a statement. Also, this offer should allow brands to reduce “Costs, complexity and time to market”.

Of course, the automobile will not be the only possible integration and Amazon seems determined to make Alexa Custom Assistant an integration program on more platforms. That said, car manufacturers had the particularity of seeking not to depend on a technology other than their own, and the entire market is generally behind on technological advances concerning these digital and audio interfaces.