In these difficult times for the sports car, Porsche has searched its drawers to reveal some of its never-before-mentioned styling studies. In a book entitled “Porsche Unseen”, the Stuttgart firm will unveil over the months some of its concepts unknown to the general public and imagined over the past five years.

In parallel to the road LMP1, the 919 Street, which hit the web this week, Porsche also showed a mysterious prototype of an electric van. It is red, recalls the assistance vehicles of Porsche on the basis of Volkswagen Combi, and ensures that it is only a model without a future. If the arrival of SUVs among sports car manufacturers had been badly received, we would almost appreciate seeing this crazy utility arrive.

Porsche electric van

© Porsche

Car / living place

As our colleagues from theClean Automobile, this concept was imagined in 2018, a period when Porsche is working hard on its first electric model: the Taycan (read our review). Imagining this model of a Volkswagen T1 rebadged Porsche and with between 435 and 625 horsepower in electric, what could that give? Although Porsche has a clientele and a community of enthusiasts “purists” about the values ​​of sports cars, the manufacturer from Stuttgart has accustomed us in recent decades with models that prioritize driving comfort rather than sporting amenities. .

So will Porsche follow Tesla’s strategy, with a model straddling the SUV and the minivan to be able to offer a car / living space in its future 100% electric range? Some would say that Porsche never chose to present this concept, which says a lot about its interest. Others, that Porsche has all the same studied the style, without seeking to make a simple effect of announcement to its community. Nostalgia for the assistance vehicles of yesteryear, a potential source of inspiration for our German neighbors?