Tesla: the million! The million!

Tesla is proud to announce today that the group’s millionth vehicle has just been produced. Contrary to what you might think, this is not the small Model 3, but a Tesla Model Y. Remember that the first Tesla vehicle was produced in 2008, twelve years ago already .

Over the years, Tesla has obviously developed its production capacities considerably, notably by installing impressive factories (the GigaFactory), the fourth of which will be installed in Berlin. After the Model S and Model X, it was obviously the small Model 3 that allowed Tesla to accelerate its progress.

Tesla Model Y ahead

This new model (whose full video test is still available at this address) had a very difficult start, but Tesla now manages to develop nearly 80,000 vehicles each quarter, and finally manages to respond to the (very strong ) request. The millionth vehicle developed by the group is not a Model 3, but the brand new compact Model Y SUV, which will arrive in dealerships very soon.

In this regard, Tesla may well be a little ahead of its delivery targets, with the first copies of Model Y expected to be delivered in the coming weeks. Note that in its Shanghai factory, Tesla plans to eventually produce no less than 150,000 vehicles each year. In total, Tesla would now be able to produce, in its various factories, a total of 40,000 electric cars each month.

Remember that soon, your Tesla will also be able to find a parking space, and park, alone, via the Reverse Summon function. Progress we tell you!