Tesla is redoubled in imagination, and does not always warn the press about the release of something new. This week, a mysterious column bloomed at a firm's charging station in Ontario, Canada. For four days, the fan community of the California electric car maker played with its imagination to find the usefulness of this new infrastructure. Starlink relay antenna, "Megacharger" … the arrival of such an element quickly turned heads on Twitter.

Finally, the obelisk was revealed to be a 5G / 4G antenna of the Landmark Dividend brand. At 10.97 meters high, it will make it easier to share the cellular network with the whole station, so that customers can enjoy an Internet connection – and in particular the new 5G network – optimally.

It is through Landmark Dividend directly that the information has been verified. The company, created in 2002, has just launched the first version of its relay column, called "Vertex Macro". Below, its technical characteristics are detailed.

Vertex Macro Tesla

© Landmark Dividend

As our colleagues report from Clean Technica, this model of relay antenna was produced to be marketed in multiple cases. The company usually works in the installation of infrastructure for stadiums, public transport stations, or railway stations.

A major partner for the Starlink relay?

For the moment, Tesla has not given more details about this installation at the London Superchargers station in the Canadian province of Ontario. But already, speculation is coming in numbers. SpaceX’s Starlink project aims to provide a global Internet via satellite, and the highest latitudes – in other words, in the northern hemisphere – will be the first to have coverage.

With Landmark Dividend and its relay antennas, perhaps Tesla plans to cover its entire network of Superchargers with the "Vortex Macro" as a Starlink receiver.

Possible Tesla takeover?

Going deeper into the subject, one wonders if Landmark Dividend could not be even more important, and if Tesla would not be in the process of buying the company. In fact, in the “News and perspectives” section of its website, Landmark Dividend discusses the subject of the future of charging stations for electric vehicles.

"To support the shift in demand from traditional / hybrid vehicles to rechargeable electric cars, our automotive infrastructure requires a radical change" wrote the company on a blog post, before adding that "Despite the current progress, there is still a lot of work to do to modernize our infrastructure to support the rise of electric vehicles."

The article comes to talk about research in wireless charging infrastructure. "With this new technology, there is no need to worry about cables, ports or the button to open the hatch: all the driver has to do is park within six inches of it." 'a specially designed charger and wait for a light to turn green' said Landmark Dividend.

Is this an area in which the company wishes to invest part of its investments? Will they work with Tesla? Elements suggest it. "It is no secret that charging stations represent a unique business opportunity, because there is money to be made in their construction and operation", could we read in the article.