A month ago, Reuters shed some light on Apple’s Titan project by announcing a very likely collaboration with Hyundai to present an electric vehicle by 2022. Well informed most of the time, it seems that the British publication has made a mistake this time. This week, Hyundai wanted to be very clear by putting an end to all rumors about a collaboration with Apple. It seems that the Korean manufacturer prefers to focus on its new acquisition: Boston Dynamics.

Apple has already found a replacement

Do not worry, Apple’s ambitions remain very interesting and do not fail to attract many car manufacturers. Following the withdrawal of Hyundai, it is the Japanese giant Nissan which seems ready to set up a collaboration with the Cupertino company. Nissan officials said the company is open to discussions with Apple to make its electric car project a reality. Mio Kato, a famous analyst published on Smartkarma that Nissan will be “The candidate most likely to discuss seriously with Apple”.

Nissan is fully aware that technology has revolutionized the automotive industry, and that it is essential to take this turn to stay in the race. From this observation, Makoto Uchida, CEO of Nissan, said at a press conference: “We need to take new initiatives, and work with knowledgeable companies, with good experience, through partnerships and collaboration”. This statement clearly suggests that Nissan is open to any discussions with Apple and other tech giants.

For its part, Apple does not seem opposed to this proposal, and some analysts even announce that the Apple firm is currently in full discussion with other suppliers and Japanese manufacturers. As with its usual products, Apple could choose to work with several partners to develop its vehicle.