Manhattan is going to take a facelift. Or at least, its famous fleet of yellow taxis will know something new. The very first electric car in ” yellow cab Has just been seen and should start her career soon. This is a Tesla Model 3 and a specialist site reader Electrek just shared a first shot.

The car joins no less than 13,000 vehicles within the Big apple, and should also continue to spill ink in the media while its mileage record should be closely monitored. Taxi drivers are the biggest drivers, and we should be able to announce the million kilometers of this specimen in no time.

Previously, New York City experienced the arrival of hybridization with the Toyota Prius yellow cabs. Even today, the fleet includes them, and also includes in its ranks Ford Escape Hybrids.

Little-known anecdote: the yellow color of the emblematic taxis comes from the company behind these taxis: the Yellow cab company. In Chicago in 1915, entrepreneur John Daniel Hertz thus created a name that would become a symbol, even though the company did not initially operate in New York City. Biographies say that the name of the company came primarily from a confirmation by experts, explaining that the yellow was more easily visible from afar, quite simply.

Tesla taxis, an increasingly profitable investment

In 2020, more and more taxi drivers are coming to renew their work tool by investing in a Tesla. Whether it’s a Model 3, a Model S or a Model X, the choice is becoming more and more interesting for these professional customers. With the cost of maintenance and the energy used being so different from a thermal car, many realize that the price of acquiring an electric model quickly pays off.

In December 2019, Lemon squeezer told you about a German motorist and owner of Tesla Model S, who had taken his car from 30,000 to over a million kilometers. The man explained that he had not experienced any particular problem and the latter also had a Roadster, which in turn would have covered more than 600,000 kilometers.

In writing, we took stock of the Tesla Model S this summer, time to consider whether the brand’s large sedan still had any convincing arguments for the buyer.