The infotainment interface of the Tesla range screens has been operating since September 2019 on the tenth version of the manufacturer’s software. On the occasion of the release of the restyled Model S and Model X, we may see the update arrive in Tesla V11. The first photos have been published on the web on this subject.

On a Reddit forum, one user managed to capture a detailed look at the upcoming interface, integrated into the sedan’s new center display. The latter has swapped its vertical format for a horizontal screen (17 inches), consistent with that of Model 3 and Model Y. Behind the wheel, Tesla V11 would also have changed the animations.

Tesla V11 preview

© Reddit / FridayTheDog111

The update has not yet been announced by the manufacturer and we do not know if it will be adopted at the launch of the marketing of the Model S and Model X 2021. But as with V10, which had brought its share of novelties , Tesla is expected to incorporate new features.

Widgets seem to be in the spotlight on the first images, with a shortcut to navigation from the home screen. The air conditioning control has also been revised.

Tesla V11 2021

© Reddit / FridayTheDog111

“Smart Shift”

In detail, these first glimpses give the opportunity to see the new driving modes announced by Tesla, and in particular “Smart Shift”. On Twitter, Elon Musk has regularly communicated about this new feature halfway between autonomous driving and manual driving.

In essence, “Smart Shift” is an automatic piloting of the transmission control, juggling forward, reverse, neutral and parking brake automatically. Tesla is working on this mode which would use the cameras and intelligence of the car’s software to automatically determine what change the driver would like to make.