The driver of a new Tesla Model S “Plaid” suffered a cold sweat when his vehicle suddenly caught fire. It was in Pennsylvania that the drama took place on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday.

This new electric car is part of a first series of 250 units that hit the market in June. This racing car is the fastest and most luxurious version of all Tesla Model S with a top speed that could approach 320 km / h.

The drama was avoided

According to the motorist’s lawyers, the latter was driving his car when it suddenly caught fire. The images broadcast by the lawyers are impressive but fortunately, the driver escaped unscathed. He managed to extricate himself from the cabin – not without difficulty – according to the local authorities.

The defendants immediately demanded that Tesla put “These cars on the sidelines until a full investigation can take place”. If Tesla denies having the most “Safe in the world”, this incident could shed light on a deeper problem with this vehicle. For now, the American automaker has not yet commented.

The safest vehicles in the world

In 2019, Tesla boss Elon Musk claimed, however, that electric vehicles were 500% less likely to catch fire than any vehicle with a conventional combustion engine.

In a video intervention, the head of the fire department of the region also claimed to have taken 2 hours to extinguish the fire. The images broadcast by CNBC of the charred vehicle send shivers down your spine.

The American road safety agency is following this tragedy closely. She is “In conjunction with the relevant agencies and the manufacturer to gather information on the incident”. A spokesperson for the agency was clear: “sIf data or investigations reveal a defect or an inherent safety risk, NHTSA will take appropriate action to protect the public ”. Case to follow.