The great thing about Tesla is that you never get bored, even in confinement, because, as we've seen recently, engineers keep working. And as car design allows for remote updates via their permanent internet connection, customers receive regular improvements, including during a crisis that cripples the world.

This new upgrade concerns for the moment exclusively Model S (and probably X), and it materializes therefore for customers by three innovations: a new Launch Mode, an integrated player of the videos recorded by the cameras of the car, and finally the famous "Cheetah Mode" or "Cheetah" Mode which lowers the body of the car on the front by 15 centimeters to optimize traction during acceleration.

What we did not know, and this is one of the small (good) surprises that Tesla regularly reserves for its customers, is that Cheetah Mode does not only play on the chassis of the car made possible by air suspensions variable travel, but comes with a substantial increase in power of 46 horsepower, allowing the car already richly equipped in cavalry, to temporarily reach a peak 823 horsepower when this mode is activated, the time of an acceleration.

Cheetah mode: lower front and 46 additional horsepower for the Model S

Several months ago, Elon Musk announced a significant increase in the power of the Model S. Finally, it seems that the update "Cheetah" is the boost promised for a long time, pending a hypothetical version Plaid even more performance, planned for this summer.

However, these excess power are not without consequences for the management of the batteries, and more precisely on their heating. We know that in Ludicrous mode, the Model S was not able to repeat strong accelerations repeatedly, and that this mode was somehow "single use", the performance then degrading very quickly due to overheating of the batteries, which automatically went into safety mode. Tesla has also worked on the subject to resolve the issue, applying to this new version of its battery management software the same program as that of the Model 3, more advanced on this point, since its performance capacity is unlimited and without degradation. The new update has therefore also increased the thermal limit of the battery, allowing constant performance. This means that you can continuously make several accelerations from a standing start in dragster mode without worrying about the battery overheating.

An improvement which – according to the first tests carried out – is seen especially during the long distance acceleration tests, namely 400 meters and more, and also in the high speed recoveries, which were until now the weak point of the Model s.